Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sunday Rambles

I don't have access to my boyfriend's phone at the moment so no instagram update! Instead I snapped a picture to despair over the terrible lighting this torrential rain is causing for any photos I'm snapping!
(i did my make up with the free eye palette kit from the mua website! it's amazing!)
Soooo grainy! Anyways, I'm kind of on a health kick at the moment so I was thinking I would photo document my packed lunches for work this week, would anyone be interested in seeing what I'm eating? We can try and do healthy lunches together! 

I'm also really thinking of ombre-ing my hair, blonde on the ends. At the moment it's ginger and I've got about two inches of dark roots coming through, but I think they look kinda neat but I've got the dying bug, so I thought WHY NOT BLONDE ENDS. ~Watch this space~.

This weekend has been a total washout, but I really hope it stops raining soon. Our fence blew over today and squashed our neighbours flowers, whoops! I really hope it clears up by next weekend because it's a) bank holiday and b) Cheltenham Jazz Festival! I'm not a massive jazz fan but they have food stalls and they're screening Drive and I'd love to see it on the big screen again!

Well, I think that's everything I have to say, so here's a My Jamz sinec we haven't had one for a while. Enjoy!


  1. Insults2Injury29/4/12 22:42

    That tune is growing on me, better as background music, as I don't really want to try and sing along with it, and its sort of repetitive, but it's getting more pleasing with each listen

  2. Cool song - never heard of her before, love her outfits!


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