Tuesday, 1 May 2012

April Film Round-Up!

New Releases
- 21 Jump Street (5/5)
- Cabin In The Woods (5/5)

First Watch
- The Lookout (3/5)
- Tuff Turf (4/5)

Watched Again
- Teeth (5/5)

Partially Watched
- Sirens (Michael was watching it when I was in bed)

A pretty weak month for quantity, but the quality has been amazing! Two AMAZING films at the cinema to say the least! I saw 21 Jump Street twice and I'm planning to go watch Cabin again now that I know where the bits that will make me jump are.

I've mostly been watching TV shows this month. I've watched 3 seasons of Weeds, season 1 of Dollhouse  and all of Peep Show!


  1. James Spader2/5/12 22:02


  2. Quality indeed. I looooved Cabin in the Woods. And first realized how cool my boss was when he went to an advance screening of Teeth a few years ago. Excellente!


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