Thursday, 3 May 2012

Review: Primark £1 Lipstick!

So I started work last Friday and the thing is I don't have any work clothes, so after work each day if I'm really struggling trying to put an outfit together for the next day, I pop into Primark (it's right next door to my work) and try and buy something smart. Today when I was paying (for a dress for a fiver!) I spotted that Primark were selling lippy for a quid. ONE POUND. you can't really go wrong, either its terrible and you haven't wasted any money, or its good and you feel good about it. So I bought two of them because I don't have any pink lipstick, and I got a candy pink and a bright pink. I thought I'd do a little review since I'm sure a lot of people are reluctant to try Primark cosmetics! Having said that, I really doubt Primark has an animal testing policy, and if they do I am too tired to go digging through their website so you might want to check that out before you buy!
These pictures are slightly terrifying. Okay, so the lipstick is you know, okay. I wouldn't buy it again, but it'll tide me over until I can afford something better. They don't apply very easily and they smell a lot like plasticine, but the colour is vibrant. In these pictures I am wearing both the shades of pink as I tend to mix my lipsticks up. They're quite matte but they are not very smooth going on, you really have to drag them over your lips to get a good application. 

Perhaps I would recommend this, especially if you don't know if a colour is going to suit you! Theya re great for experimenting and would probably work well as a base coat for a erm, better lipstick. Hope that helps!


  1. Love this color on you very spring !!

    Steph at

  2. What pretty eyes you have!


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