Sunday, 29 April 2012

Best Dressed: Soap Awards 2012

The Soap Awards is one of my guilty pleasures, I LOVE red carpets full stop but there's something about seeing people you only ever see in their "soap clothes" going really glam that is so satisfying. Here are six outfits I thought really stood out!
I love a man who goes a little bit different and pulls it off! Ryan Gosling is a classic example and it seems the actor formally known as Ste has got the flare for picking out fashionable menswear too! As for the dresses, they are all so lovely! Even the black one Shona is wearing is a bit special with the leg slit and everything. Good stuff! Mandeep plays Phoebe in Hollyoaks and she is pretty much unrecognisable! Wowww!


  1. Love the dresses!!
    Very elegant, especially Michelle's.

    - Erin :)

  2. Wow, stunning group of dresses and people! I love that Mandeep stuck to her culture but managed to glam it up and modernize it amazingly - she's beautiful!



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