Sunday, 19 February 2012

Time To Pretend

Can we please pretend its summer time? I did a pretty good job today when I had some photos taken in the garden. You can't even tell how cold it was! A bunch of time ago, perhaps like a month, I was reading one of my favourite blogs Scathingly Brilliant and Kate did a cute post about dresses and where she would wear them. One of these dresses stole my heart, my soul and my body. YOU GUYS. No one could understand how perfect this dress was for me. It's not exactly a secret that I love food, ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLYYY burgers. This dress has burgers on it. Why have I never owned a dress with burgers on before? NOT FOR LACK OF TRYING LET ME TELL YOU. Burgers are practically my favourite thing in the whole world, so I totally umm'd and ahh'd over this dress for like, a day before I bought it. It's the first dress I ever bought off Modcloth too. Modcloth have THE BEST customer service and also their international shipping prices are super cheap! Of course, my perfect plan was ruined as soon as burger dress touched English soil, because for some reason I had to pay £17 worth of custom charges. IT'S A CRUEL WORLD, but anything for my burger dress. When I tried it on I was so happy because it fitted perfectly! The last dress I ever had that fitted this nicely was my prom dress from 2004 so I was super stoked, except it was a little longer than I liked but my mum came to the rescue and hemmed it up for me!

I couldn't resist a little photoshoot in my garden this morning. The skies were blue and the sun was out, it even looks like summertime! Well, except for all the bare trees. Anyway, onto the photos!
You may have noticed I'm wearing two pair of shoes. I decided to change half way through! And honestly, it really WAS bright enough to wear sunglasses.
I got this keen Micky Mouse ring out of one of those twisty machines where you turn the thing and an egg pops out. Stoked! He's pretty cool, huh? I also got a mini figure of Tom Felton. If anyone's interested, the Cineworld at Bexleyheath has THE BEST twisty egg machines.
I love the whole 'paint your ring finger a different colour' trend. This red polish is Stargazer and it is INDESTRUCTIBLE. Honestly the best red polish out there. Stargazer are pretty much flaw free when it comes to really bright nails or eyeshadow. Never underestimate a goth kid.
AND THAT'S IT. The dress is here, the sunglasses are from 2010 Primark, the leath jacket is currently on sale in Primark for a tenner, the heart chain is from Claire's (the rust is all my own) and my shoes are really really old Babycham trainers. They have shooting stars on the side and are ace.


  1. This is the best dress ever!!! I too love burgers. I don't know how I didn't see this on ModCloth since I'm on it everyday!

    Mabel Time

  2. Only you could look that good in a burger dress! Love it :)

  3. that dress is so wild! i've seen it on modcloth before... it's awesome. also, i love your sunglasses! x

  4. Ok I am considering this dress but Modcloth never fits my T&A. Hopefully this will be the one that does! Looks so cute on you!!

    1. I got an XL cuz I was scurred about it fitting my giant butt and it's pretty roomy back there! I WOULD SAY GO FOR IT~!


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