Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Film Round Up!

My boyfriend has recently started noting down all the films he's watched and I thought it was a pretty good idea, I wanted to do something like it for my blog! Its surprising for me to see how many films  I have actually watched in a month because even though I'm a super nerd when it comes to film, I find it really hard to make myself sit down and watch one! Curse this short attention span! Having said that, having Netflix has definitely helped (actually I also have lovefilm instant now too but don't get me started on how bad it is) because its so much easier to put a film on. I don't have a DVD player so before it was kind of a chore trying to watch anything! My lists will include old films, rewatched films and films seen at the cinema. I'll try and remember Janurary the best I can and I've been making notes for February already! How organised! I will also rate the films out of five.

New Releases:
I didn't go to the cinema! How awful. I love the cinema more than anything but I find it hard to have people to go with since my boyfriend lives in London and that.

First Watch:
- Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (5/5)
- The Switch (4/5, bumped up a star by Jeff Goldblum)
- The Machine Girl (3/5)
- Videodrome (4/5)
- Pumpkin (2/5)
- The United States of Leland (4/5)
- The Trailer Park of Terror (3/5)
- Murder Party (0/5)
- The Departed (4/5)
- Clerks (3/5)
- Chasing Amy (0/5)
- Wild Child (4/5)
- Romeo Must Die (3/5)
- Blue Valentine (4/5)

Watched Again
- The Last Unicorn (5/5)
- Robocop (5/5)
- Hard Candy (4/5)
- Tron (5/5)
- Dazed and Confused (5/5)
- Mallrats (4/5)
- Teen Witch (5/5)
- Nick and Norah's Infiniate Playlist (5/5)
- WALL-E (5/5)
- 500 Days Of Summer (2/5, those 2 stars are for JGl and The Gube.)
- Donnie Darko (5/5)

Not too shabby! Comment if you would like a review done of any of these films and I will get right on that!

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  1. I_am_the_movie14/2/12 22:42

    My God....!

    Even you must be surprised by how many that is, when you see it all jotted down like that.

    What was so terrible about Murder Party?


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