Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Avalanche United

Last week was full of treats for me. I saw Chronicle at the cinema for the second time. I won a Tom Felton action figure from one of those ace egg machines. I watched The Room at the cinema and beaned someone on the head with a plastic spoon. I saw Nada Surf live at the nicest venue in London (Koko). Oh yeah, and I totally saw Brand New on Sunday with support from one of the best, hard working bands in ~the biz~, I Am The Avalanche.
Have you heard of IATA? Frontman Vinnie Caruana used to be in The Movielife who were an insanely great band with probably one of the most perfect EPs of all time. IATA doesn't disappoint, they have a similar sound but they sound a lot tighter, Vinnie's voice has matured into one of the best in rock for sure. They are just a perfect band! Every song is catchy and has lyrics that are perfect to yell back at them. They even have a bunch of songs with GROUP VOCALS. I'll let you in on a secret, group vocals are one of my favourite things to ever happen in music. I couldn't tell you why!
Anyway, I've had the pleasure (is it just me or do you always want to write pleasure in italics?) of seeing IATA twice recently! I saw them last year in December at their own show and I saw them just this Sunday. Their live show just blows me away, so much energy! I reckon Vinnie has special springs in his shoes that help him keep bouncing around all night. He told us on Sunday that he was recovering from playing THREE SHOWS IN ONE DAY. How insane is that? And they are so full of love for everyone, the crowd, for Brand New. Mannn going to their show is like going to a lovefest. It warms my heart so much to hear people shouting "Avalanche united" at them, especially when they are the support band. 
When I was at the show on Sunday it suddenly hit me how weird and wonderful music is. This kind of small band (certainly in the UK) has made an impact and not just on me but pockets of people in the crowd who were just as stoked to see them as we were. Isn't that kind of magical? Not to sound like a pussy or anything, shows just make me super emotional I guess.You should probably pick up some IATA if you can afford it. It's hard to find good bouncy punk bands these days when everyone is leaning towards ukuleles or synths. Which is fine and all, except sometimes I just wanna pogo on the spot for a couple of hours, you know? Or at least give these youtube vids a listen! All these songs are off the new album, which is incredible and they are my favourite ones I've seen them perform live. Gratitude especially is electric live! I would also recommend giving 'I Took A Beating' from the first record a listen, though its not on youtube!


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  2. just found your blog and i was at brand new on the saturday and i realllly liked IATA. i used to lovvvve the movielife. proper cried in my it lesson at school when they broke up. i was so cooooooooool haha! anyway i really like your blog lady x

    1. Oh man, if you were there on Saturday did they play Me vs Mara? I was soooo pissed off they didnt play it on Sunday haha, its my fave and I've seen Brand New 3 times now and they never play it for me! hahaha. The Movielife are great for sure!! Thanks! xo


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