Wednesday, 29 February 2012

February Film Round-up!

It's time for my monthly film round-up! I'm stoked this month because I managed to get to the cinema twice and if I don't go to the cinema often enough I get cranky, haha. I also had three failed cinema attempts, although they were all due to my own laziness!

New Releases:
- Chronicle (5/5) I went and saw this twice, that's how much I loved it!

First Watch:
- Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead (4/5)
- Submarine (5/5)
- Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (5/5)
- Observe and Report (5/5)
- The United States of Leland (3/5)
- Moonwalker (5/5 for music and general bizzro stuff)
- In The Mood For Love (5/5)
- The Runaways (4/5)
- Punk's Not Dead (docu) (3/5)
- Midnight Movies (docu) (4/5)
- The Princess and the Frog

Watched Again:
- Robocop (5/5)
- Free Willy (3/5)
- Scream (5/5)
- Hocus Pocus (4/5)
- The Princess Bride (5/5)
- The Room

Partially Watched:
- Prime (terrible.)
- Theif (really really good but I fell asleep)
- I'm Reed Fish (wasn't feeling in the mood for Jay Baruchel)
- Transalvania 6-5000 (I fell asleep and only caught the beginning and end)
- I'm a Cyborg But That's Okay (this was on stupidly late on Film Four but it is a really really great film)

There we have it! I don't see this monthly watch of Robocop ending any time soon by the way, I am pretty much obsessed with it at this point. I forgot how much I love Scream, it is so clever, I am in love with it all over again! I watched Moonwalker twice, I really really dig the animated montages and Michael Jackson so this was sweet! My favourite watch of this month was Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, which I am smitten with. The colour pallet! The animation! THE GIANT CHEESEBURGERS. I cannot believe I didn't see this sooner, my jaw was on the floor the whole way through! Coming in a close second is Chronicle which was so clever and well acted that I tried to applaud when the credits rolled.

Oh, and I added a new 'partially watched' section to show you how much of a miracle it is for me to sit down and watch a film from beginning to end!


  1. This is a great mix of movies for the month! I love Scream and Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead. I've yet to see Chronicle... though it was a huge hit in my town.

    1. oh man you should totally see it, it's crazy good! :D xo


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