Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Netflix Top Picks

I'm adding a regular feature to the blog where I give out my top picks for Netflix UK, possibly because I watch way too much Netflix, or just because I feel like there's a lot of stuff that people are looking over! I'll choose three films a month, hopefully, unless I run out (c'mon Netflix add some more films!). 

1. In The Mood For Love
As a massive fan of Wong Kar-Wai (Chungking Express tops my list of favourite films frequently) I was super stoked to find that a few of his films were available on Netflix. Teaming up with the most handsomest man in the world (Tony Leung) again, this film is just a work of art. It's full of the director's signature moves, tight spaces and slow-mo shots. The story is slow and thoughtful and incredibly interesting! It is set in 1960s Hong Kong and the wardrobe (the dresses especially) is absolutely lovely! Wong Kar-Wai has a knack of getting really understated but gripping performances out of his actors and this film definitely doesn't disappoint!

2. Tron
The original Tron appeals to my art preference so much that I wonder if it was made for me before I was even born. The graphic style with neon colours and grids make me drool everytime I watch this. Of course, you can no longer talk about Tron without bringing up Tron Legacy and whilst I really enjoyed that too, I'm of the opinion that the very first Tron film looks a hell of a lot more pretty and was really a labour of love. The special effects which may seem outdated, can still be appreciated not to mention that absolutely killer soundtrack! Jeff Bridges plays the main role in this film and he is so good in it that you never want him to leave the screen. Not to mention the bulging crotch areas, lolz!

3. Slackers
If you've watched something like fifteen seconds of that trailer then you probably think I've gone crazy. Just looks like a regular old gross-out college movie, right? WELL I'M AFRAID YOU'RE WRONG. Slackers is so amazing, I cannot even express enough how amazing it is! Firstly, let's look at the cast: Jason Segel when he was still cool, one of the Pete's from Pete and Pete, Devona Sawyer before he disappeared forever and Jason Schwartzman's unibrow!! What's not to like?! Okay, so the plot is pretty dumb but the actors in this totally carry it, especially Jason Schwartzman who is hilarious and weird all at once and threw himself into this role with abandon. Just give it a chance, sometimes everyone needs to unwind with a goofy movie! (Not to be mistaken for A Goofy Movie which should be watched once a day forever more amen.)

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