Monday, 29 November 2010

Hellogoodbye AGAIN!

I swear this is my last Hellogoodbye post (for this month at least)! But today I finally recieved my package in the post! I thought I would show you what comes when you ordered a wallet bundle from the website! I'vejust looked and the bundles are no longer selling! I didn't even know they were limited but I think they might be back up sometime soon, perhaps after the holidays. If you DID buy abundle then well done, because I can't see the t-shirt anywhere else in their merch so it may have been a one off! Okay! Down to business. I haven't pictured the CD or the poster, because they're both basically just the album art. Firstly, the t-shirt!
Sorry about my crappy webcam quality! The tshirt is American Apparel and I think I got a men's medium. It fits as well as a men's shirt would (there were girly fits available but they squash my boobs!), on the front it had "Hellogoodbye" and "Would It Kill You?" written in alternating text and it's lovely and thin and soft!These are the cute badges! There's two in a pack, one with Hellogoodbye written on it and the second with a tiny bit from the album art. It's nice that everything ties together simply, it makes the collection more special! I wish people still collected badges and wore them and stuff. I used to collect Green Day badges when I was fourteen!
Lastly this is the wallet! I wasn't sure what the wallet was going to be so I was pretty excited about it! It's what I expected, a plastic wallet with little clear slots for different things. I'm going to use mine to store all my tickets from gigs that I've been to. This also features artwork from the album, with "Would It Kill You?" written on the inside.

That concludes it! I'm so happy with this, I feel like part of a special gang, and if you're thinking of buying the album, I would suggest buying it on CD because it sounds amazing! I was playing mine in the kitchen as I made scrambled eggs this morning! Like I said, there's also a poster and the actual album! I know I always say it but I don't get sponsored to say any of this stuff, this is all my own opinion and my opinion is that Hellogoodbye fucking ROCK and deserve massive amounts of respect! Please buy this album!

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