Monday, 29 November 2010

This Advert!

'Tough Beautiful Polo'

I LOVE this advert so much! It's so nice to see actual talent being used to sell a car rather than smug driving or boob-rubbing over a windshield. I especially like the dancers not only because they're amazing, but also because of their totally Chola style! Am I allowed to use the word Chola if I'm not American? I mean, it's pretty obvious. The lip liner, the dickies shorts, the pulled up socks... If you're not familiar with Chola style may I direct you to this handy guide over at AgentLover..

I also love how different the lady's body looks. It's scary that a perfectly normal, slim body like hers looks alien on TV compared to tiny thighs and slimmed down hips. There'snothing wrong with a body like that but sometimes it's hard to remember that not everyone is the same!

All in all a great advert, inspiring almost. Well done Polo!

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