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Top 6 Albums Of 2010!

Man, I get so excited for the end of the year because it caters to my need to list EVERYTHING in my favourite order. I love 'Top Films of 2010' lists and the more obscure '10 Video Game Disappointments of 2010", I love how BBC3 have 'Most Annoying People of 2010' programs...It's a total addiction! With this in mind, here is my first in a regular installment for December, my 'Tops of 2010' lists! This one is albums. I chose six because I couldn't narrow it down to five! Obviously I listen to mostly one style of music above others, so this isn't a very balanced list, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

6. I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business - Dust'n Off The Ol' Guitar
Ace Enders has had a great year this year, he released the great The World We Know, showing that he is only improving as a musician and lyricist, but it's his reworkings of old classic songs from his career that really caught my eye.

What I like about this album is the amount of input fans had in it. They asked Ace for it, they requested the songs and within months it was up and ready. How many guys do you know that would do that for their fans?

Of course, not to mention the songs on here are really, really good. This wasn't just some cop-out record to make money. You can tell Ace really tried to make every song special and new. It totally works as an acoustic album, it's calming and showcases Ace's great voice better than any other record. Hearing the songs in a new way (especially the classic Want To Hear You Sad) breathes a new life into them and brings back the magic of when you first them. My favourite off the record is now Baby Blue, but there isn't a weak song on the album. You can buy the record here. I always recommend buying a physical copy, but that's just my general geekiness for album sleeves and CD art shining through!

5. Alkaline Trio - This Addiction
Alkaline Trio have been consistently bringing out amazing records for years and years whilst also managing to visit the UK to play shows what seems like yearly! A very impressive feat that shows how hard working these guys are. This Addiction is their seventh studio album and mirrors more of the old style that Trio were making in the early days.

Some people will say that Trio lost their touch, and that their previous album (Agony and Irony) strayed too far from a formula that works for them. This is bullshit, Agony and Irony had a bunch of great songs on (example), but This Addiction blows it out of the water- that's how good it is!
The (what I assume) Misfit's tribute song Dine Dine My Darling is probably the highlight of the album by being a quick, funny play on words song that is Trio's trademark. The rest of the album follows suit and is just a brilliant rock album! You can buy it here. (Note: I always link to the artist or record company website because in my head I think more money will go to the artist, most if not all of these albums are probably on Amazon or Play.)

4. Foxy Shazam - Self Titled
Okay, I've written about Foxy on here before so hopefully people are familiar with their distinctive style of madness! This is the band's third studio album, with added trumpet player and all the old favourite members. To be honest, it's worth buying this album for the artwork alone! It makes me smile so much!

It's hard to explain Foxy to people who have never listened to them. I would say go watch a live video and then come back, to get a sense of the theatrics and chaos that is supreme both on and off this album.

From the start where Eric invites his "dogs" to help him sing a song, to the touching tributes to his family on Connect and Oh Lord the one thing this album is saturated in is emotion. It's infectious, it makes you want to dance and swing your arms and pull muscles. The album does strange things to whoever listens to it and will leaveyour mind blown. Buy the album here!

3. Free Energy - Stuck On Nothing
Another band to feature heavily on this blog, this album ruled my summer! And when I talk about this album I wont bang on about how James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem produced the album because frankly it doesn't matter. All that matters is that Free Energy are somehow fresh, just by sounding old. Doesn't make much sense, does it? But you only have to see the great year the band have had to agree that their psychedellic twinged pop has captured the hearts of a lot of music fans.

The band are currently completing a tour with Foxy Shazam and are set to support Weezer on the upcoming Pinkerton anniversary tour. They've supported Motion City Soundtrack and played at Reading Festival. This is a band you should be taking seriously.

The lyrics are about love and partying and being with your friends and enjoying life, the songs are in managable 3 minute slices though it's not hard to get completely lost in the album and realise you've listened to it five times in a row. The songs run into each other effortlessly, almost like it's a concept album dedicated to a much better time. Evan's vocals are like syrup! Pick up Stuck On Nothing here.

2. Hellogoodbye - Would It Kill You?
What can I say about Hellogoodbye that I haven't already said in my previous reviews?

I was going mental waiting for this album to come out, it was torture. I knew it was going to be fantastic, but it was never quite in reach. It was worth the wait by being my second favourite album of this year. It doesn't just appeal to me, everyone I've shown a few songs to has loved it. It's come just at the right time, when other kind of "kooky" bands have had major success, like Vampire Weekend and MGMT. I'm not comparing this record to them, but the desire to do something that makes the band happy is similar.

The gamble to completely change their sound has paid off, as this record is completely mature and lovely and full of hidden notes and instruments. I cannot recommend this album enough, it does funny things to my insides. Buy it here!

1. Motion City Soundtrack - My Dinosaur Life
The Mark Hoppus produced album takes my top spot! My Dinosaur Life came out all the way back in Janurary and has been my favourite album all year. In this year I have seen MCS three times, sang along to the songs and fallen a little bit in love with Justin Pierre. I've first pumped and followed their blogs, twitters and tumblrs. I've pretty much lived and breathed this band in 2010.

This is their fourth offering, staying true to the formula that'sgiven people so much pleasure over the years. That's something I really like about MCS, they haven't changed at all. The sound may have become more refined, but they never strayed far from what works Justify Fullfor them. I love the synths and Justin's vocals, I love the pop culture references just as much as I did when I heard their debut album. This is one band that could never be accused of selling out.

Every single track on this album could be a hit, and they've made some killer videos to go along with it. My favourite is Disappear, which reminds me of Where The Wild Things Are. The lyrics are so honest, for example on Delirium which deals with Justin's problems with anxiety. Without this album, I would have been lost this year! It's literally made up about a quarter of my music plays (thanks Last.fm!). You can buy My Dinosaur Life here!

What were your favourite albums of 2010?

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  1. My Dinosaur Mike30/11/10 22:54

    This is definitely in my Top 10 Top Lists of all time!

    The year has been kind to us! I can't believe this is all in one years worth of releases.

    My Dinosaur life probably should be my favourite album, but "Stand too close" feels too much like filler for me, especially up against the others on the album. I need my favourite albums to be 100% Killer. Also, about the honesty in the lyrics, it's not so hard being honest when being honest creates perfect Emo and thought provoking lyrics.

    MCS and Alk3 were great returns to immaculate form, but between them and HG, none of them were surprising when they turned out to be amazing albums.
    As for foxy shazam, im not sure if its a brilliant album or I just love it cos of seeing them live, and tbh they dont need any more praise than they're getting already.
    My biggest surprise was to be completely blown away by Free Energy, its an incredible album, full of songs with a spirit I dont normally experience in my favourite music, about easy going, care-free enjoyment, which is ingrained in the music as much as in the lyrics.


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