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Top 10 Films of 2010 (Part I)!

LISTS, EVERYWHERE LISTS! I'm kind of in my blogging element at the moment. I used to have another blog where I used to endlessly list everything, but it failed spectacularly! Allow me to carry on Decembers listing madness with my top films of 2010! It's been a pretty strong year for film, though a lot of films I loved that I thought came out this year were actually from 2009 (Zombieland, Moon, Adventureland). I am terrible at remembering stuff like that! Film is my biggest interest, this list could easily have been a top 20, but I managed to narrow it down as far as I could! I've decided to do this post in two segments because it's started to get pretty epic in the words department!

10 Get Him To The Greek
Russell Brand and Jonah Hill are reunited after working together on Forgetting Sarah Marshall, teaming up with Sean Combs (aka P.Diddy or whatever he's calling himself these days) for a cross country buddy movie.

I have a confession. I totally wasn't into Forgetting Sarah Marshall. In fact, I hated it. It had some of my worst actors in it (Kirsten Bell and Jason Segal) and seeing Segal's penis kind of put me off the rest of the film. So I was pretty reluctant to give Get Him To The Greek a chance, but after reading loads of Facebook statuses about it being surprisingly good, I went along and watched it at the cinema. I wasn't disappointed! This is a great film, it's funny and has a simple plot, which means the film can afford to stray into surreal territory. I have a soft spot for buddy films, and this was more in line with Pineapple Express than Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Sean Combs gave a really, really great performance. The "Jeffrey" scene in this film is probably in my top scenes of all time (there I go with the list making again)!

9. Nowhere Boy
Aaron Johnson in his breakthrough role as the young John Lennon and his childhood. Johnson has gone on to star in the epic Kick-Ass and is set to become a dad very soon with his Nowhere Boy director. All at the age of twenty, blimey.

I'm a massive John Lennon fan, and I've never really been satisfied by any other film portrayal of my hero. I have a feeling that directors want to get away from The Beatles as what defines Lennon, as also seen in 'Lennon Naked' which tried to tell an untold story of him. Where Lennon Naked failed was Christopher Eccleston basically shitting all over Lennon's name, making it look like he was a terrible, cruel man with no time for his son. It may be truth- who would know? And Nowhere Boy also shows John with his fair share of demons, but it also shows him laughing and playing and having fun. Something that can get lost in the hype of a megastar with so many skeletons in his closet. The acting is fantastic, as is the soundtrack. There's even touching apperances from little George and Paul, before the money and the fame and the bitterness started.

8. Jackass 3D
The Jackass boys reunite for their ten year anniversary, looking a bit more wrinkly and complaining about the pain a little more than usual. This time the escapades are in 3D, making it the only film which has successfully utillised the new 3D technology. Forget Avatar, THIS is the film to watch in 3D!

I've been watching Jackass since I was twelve years old, as I'm sure most people my age have been too. So what if it's immature? Or pointless? Or dangerous? I want to pay £7 to sit in a cinema dry heaving whilst watching grown men poop on each other, dammit! Certain parts of this film really did make me feel sick, they pushed the boat out on the gross factor for this film, so you have been warned!

This film is just really really silly with a great soundtrack and no other intention other than to be fun. They got some super super slo-mo cameras which are stunning and show you the insane things skin does when it's punched. As I said, the 3D is excellent and really works for this type of film. It reminded me of when I was little and you would duck in the Imax when something flew towards your face. Fantastic!

7. Toy Story 3
Pixar's latest installment and the film that made grown men cry, Toy Story through is an emotional rollercoaster through growing up and letting go. Andy is going off to college and the toys have to deal with being left behind. Poignant and emotional. I'm pretty sure everyone has already seen this so you all know what I mean!

I never really enjoyed Toy Story 2 when I was little. It wasn't until a couple of months ago that I really enjoyed watching it on a second viewing. However, right from the start Toy Story 3 had me hooked! I love Pixar, I love what they do with animation (they don't have to stick in "hilarious" dance numbers or songs like Dreamworks) and I love the company as a whole. The way they think about children's films is completely different to anyone else on the market. They don't make films specifically for children, they make films for everyone that are safe for kids to watch. I really have a hard time at the moment swallowing kids films except for Pixar ones. I hate "down with the kids" dance scenes, for example, the Mad Hatter's dance at the end of Alice in Wonderland. Blergh! That RUINED the entire film for me! I can go into a Pixar film safe in the knowledge that I wont have to see anything like that. Somewhat disappointedly, the next couple of Pixar films being released are sequels too. No matter how much I love Monsters Inc, I'd much rather see what new, exciting things are coming out of Pixar!

6. Youth In Revolt
Michael Cera plays a geeky kid and his alter ego, the rebellious Francois Dillinger, to win the affections of his summer crush. With a great supporting cast from Justin Long, Steve Buscemi, Zach Galifianakis, Fred Willard and Ray Liotta, this film is obviously hilarious!

A lot of people dog on Michael Cera for playing the same role over and over again (which he doesn't, btw). In this film he plays two character opposits and I think he still got slated for it! Anyone who watched this was able to see that this film was great, but critics are scared of anything out of their comfort zone. They're too snobby to appreciate something a little far fetched and cheesey. When Cera is running through the woods in slow motion, or ends up half naked in an old man's pick up truck they don't laugh, they just roll their eyes. Well I can tell you that this film is hilarious and just cool enough to give it indie status, all the references to Frank Sinatra and Parisian babes help. There is also another hilarious drug scene with some magic mushrooms. Well worth a watch!

That's it for part one! Stay tuned for part two coming tomorrow...

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