Thursday, 1 August 2013

Chris King Illustration

Do you ever get that where you're just bumming round the internet and all of a sudden you'll see something that perfectly encapsulates your entire taste in art, like the aesthetics are so totally perfect that you sit there, mouth agape, dribbling on your keyboard for hours over it? Well that happened to me when I first saw a Chris King illustration.
Spring Breakers on flickr

This is what set me off. In the midst of my Spring Breakers frenzy I spotted The Guardian had a special cover for The Guide with one of the best pieces of art I ever saw on it. I went crazy trying to find the artist (seriously, why don't they put the artist on The Guide website?) and finally tracked him down when I scored a copy of this on Ebay. The rest of his work does not disappoint, Chris has a habit of doing amazing artwork of some of my favourite films, mainly 80s action heroes and sci-fi stuff. Just brilliant. I MEAN, JUST LOOK AT IT.
Gosling on flickr

 Total Recall on flickr

See what I mean?! I wish I could be half as talented as that. Check out Chris on tumblr and his website.

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