Wednesday, 31 July 2013


I don't think I've ever coveted something so ridiculous so hard before. I feel like all my life problems will be sorted out if I own this. This is a special edition picture disc for the 2013 remake of Maniac, and it is beautiful. LOOK AT IT!

All I can think about is how awesome it will look next to my Maniac poster, how lovely the colour scheme is and how thankful I am that someone recognised that a limited edition picture disc fits the film so perfectly. Look at the art work! The colour scheme! I am totally smitten.

Have you heard the Maniac soundtrack? Its deep electro tones and understated tunes match the film so perfectly (which is a fantastic film, by the way). It's basically the best soundtrack since Drive. At the time of writing there are only nineteen left in stock! I really hope this holds out until my birthday (which is two weeks away as I'm writing this)! Fingers crossed for me please.

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