Friday, 2 August 2013

Five on Friday

Today's Five on Friday is all about the greatest director and human being of all time. That person is John Waters, and if you haven't seen his films you are in for a treat! The King of Puke, the godfather of Filth, Waters is a director unlike anyone you've come across before. If you like kitsch, bad girls and disgusting subject matter he should be right up your alley. Today I'll be discussing five of my favourite John Waters films!

1. Cry-Baby
Cry-Baby was John's second mainstream film, riding off the back of the success of Hairspray he got a big budget to do with as he pleased. He chose to make a musical set in the 50s, a classic love story with a rockabilly soundtrack. Cry-Baby is wonderful, its cast are the main attraction here for me. This was Johnny Depp's first role as he tried to break away from teen heartthrob status and he did it whilst starring alongside Ricki Lake and Traci Lords, to name but a few of the great cast members. Even Iggy Pop makes an apperance!

2. Pink Flamingos
Pink Flamingos caused absolute outrage on its release and instantly became a staple of midnight movies around America. This was Waters' breakout film that propelled him into a career that has spanned decades. Beware- you'll need a strong stomach to get through this one! Divine is on top form as 'the filthiest person alive' and really lives up to the name with scenes involving beef, dogs and bowel movements.

3. Pecker
Edward Furlong, still fresh faced and a total dreamboat, plays the titular Pecker, an amateur photographer who gets thrust into the New York art scene, which plays havoc on his Baltimore hometown. Even if you don't like Pecker you can still enjoy Furlong's beautiful face and Lil Chrissy's sugar addiction!

4. Female Trouble
Female Trouble is absolutely my favourite of John's early work, the tale of a bad girl who goes off the rails all over a pair of cha cha heels really appeals to me! Partnering Divine and Edith Massey again, this film spirals and spirals into the abstract and unbelievable and is an incredibly entertaining watch!

5. Hairspray
Probably John Waters' most famous film to date, Hairspray even got remade (and doesn't come close to the original)! A wonderfully fat-positive film starring Ricki Lake and Divine, Hairspray is all about the underdogs. It's also got a more serious undertone of racism in the 1950s. The songs are fantastic, the costumes are gorgeous and the hair is gloriously high!

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  1. Love this post! My favorite John Waters movie is Polyester but that's splitting hairs- this is a great list. I saw him live last year (essentially an extended version of 'This Filthy World') and it was THE BEST.


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