Monday, 25 June 2012

A Special Week

One of the many cool things about me and my Michael is that our birthdays are only three days apart. This is good because we usually get to be together, they're both in the middle of summer and stuff like that. This year we've both got a week off work to spend some time together (we're currently in a ~LDR~) and I'm going down to London to spend it with him! I've been trying to think up a bunch of awesome things for us to do on our week off, and here is a list I've come up with so far...
  •  Go to London Aquarium - I'm mildly obsessed with aquariums as you probably know, but I haven't been to London Aquarium since I was really little (I actually went on my tenth birthday!) so it'd be nice to get reaquainted with the place.
  •  Explore Soho - Mike works in Soho and often finds little record shops or cafes that he wants to try, but we never seem to have the time. I'd like to spend a whole day really getting to know Soho as its probably my favourite part of London!
  • Stroll along South Bank - I also really love South Bank, one day I'd like to get up super early and go take some photos and just hang out around the BFI cinema. When we went and saw the Harry Potter all-nighter and the IMAX we emerged at about 8 AM and the whole place was pretty much deserted, it was really nice but I was way too tired to appreciate it!
  • Eat Dim Sum - I've never had dim sum before. Isn't that crazy?! I know I would love it so I'd like to find a nice place to get some as a birthday meal. 
  • Rummage round Spitalfields Market - I love Spitalfields, especially the antique and vintage sale they have. It's a good set up, independant designers down one end and then the antiques dow nthe other. Wizened old Londoners letting you dig through trunks full of costume jewellery and old 50s magazines. Bliss! 
  • Play Lollipop Chainsaw - I haven't been as excited about a game for a long tiem the way I got excited about Lollipop Chainsaw! No word of a lie, it's like someone made a game especially for me. Mike has a PS3 so I'd like to stay up late playing it, or rather watching Michael play it because I'm not very good at zombie games unless I can get to high place and sniper zombies like in Red Dead Redemption...
  • Go to the Planetarium - I love space and I think Mike would get a kick out of going to the planetarium too! He doesn't really like fish or aquariums so maybe we could do both in one day!
  • Go watch Phantom of the Opera - I've never seen a show at the West End and my grandparents are paying for us to go see a show! My nan recommended Phantom and I'm going to stick with that, even though as a little kid the music used to make me cry because it was so scary!
As a huge bito f luck, it just so happens that one of mine and Mike's favourite bands are playing a show on his birthday! So we'll be heading down to go see Head Automatica! I'm excited because I've seen Glassjaw twice and I'd like to see Daryl Palumbo in a different setting!
Do you have any London suggestions for me? I'm always on the lookout for stuff that happens during the day or finishes around 11 PM because I hate getting the nightbus and our last train leaves quite early! But apart from that I'm interested to hear what other people have to say!

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  1. Oooo, Dim Sum is my only lingering regret since giving up meat- I hope you get a place with delicious carts rolling around. For some reason, that makes the food tastier than just ordering off a menu. London stuff I liked: Chin Chin Labs liquid nitrogen ice cream, car boot sales, and The Breakfast Club (the one with the My Little Pony bathroom and fridge door that leads to a bar)- gimmicky food stuffs...

    Also excited as hell for Lollipop Chainsaw. :)

    Have fun in London and Happy early-Birthday!!


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