Saturday, 23 June 2012

An award!

Oh hello! My computer is fixed finally but oh god, I've lost everything. Months and months worth of pictures I was steadily editing, I have a back up but It's got something like 5000 photos to go through and I can't face it right now! Also my boyfriend is currently in posession of the camera, but when everything's back to normal I can RESUME AS USUAL.

Anyway, a couple of days ago Paula nominated me for a Verastile Blogger Award which is so nice! It's the first time I've ever got anything like that so thanks very much! The rules of the award say I have to state seven facts about myself and nominate others, but I definitely couldn't choose who to nominate because I'm USELESS at doing stuff like that. I'll just tell you about three of my favourite bloggers instead!

Bee Loves Beauty - I love Bee because she is super funny on twitter and also on her blog. I really trust her recommendations when it comes to make up and stuff so she's definitely worth a read if you're in a pickle over what to use. DID I MENTION SHE'S HILARIOUS?

Agent Lover/Rookie Mag - Marie from Agent Lover is pretty much my icon on how to live my life. When I first found her blog I was pretty stoked that someone had managed to turn obsessions of Drew Barrymore and defunct RnB stars into something that seemed so cool. As for Rookie, Marie is a regular contributor and overall it's THE BEST website for teenagers and adults alike, I can spend hours just reading and reading through it!

Hometown Unicorn - Steph was one of the first people to regularly visit my blog and I was so happy when she did because SHE IS THE COOLEST. She likes britpop and cats and does AMAZING art projects. I'm so jealous of her talent and her adventures, I pretty much want to live her life.

And onto the seven facts about me...
  1. I find it impossible to finish anything. I watch films in chunks, TV programs in chunks and read books in chunks. I've never finished a painting or a cross stitch or anything in my life. I'm just too impatient and I always feel the need to move on, which is pretty awful for a person as lazy as me.
  2. I love hot air balloons, I just find them dreamy. I never want to go up in one, but every year I say I will go to the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, and I never do. Something always comes up, which is crazy since I actually lived in Bristol for three years and never got round to seeing it!
  3. I'm quite a good cook, as in I can whack out speedy meals and multitask. I'm not so good at fancy stuff though! 
  4. When I was little I was obsessed with Superman and used to get bummed out at school because my group of friends would always play Batman and my cousin always make me be Supergirl when we played so I never got to run around as Superman! I even had a costume and everything!
  5. Manatees are my favourite animals.
  6. I once was issued a Twitter ban by Twitter because I exceeded the daily limit of tweets you can make (which is like, 1000 by the way). It was because I was live-tweeting Jurassic Park.
  7. I've never been trick-or-treating.
Well I think that's everything I have to say for today!  At the moment I'm currently playing Neopets furiously (robocoprules is my username in case you want to be friends) and trying to reinstall everything that was ont he computer before it got wiped. Have a great weekend!


  1. :) Your blog is one of my faves! Your style rules and I like a lot of the same stuffs.

    Jurassic Park has to be the most worthy of ALL THINGS to live-tweet. Twitter was clearly in the wrong there.

  2. AHHHHHH! Thank you! I am *glowing* now :D

  3. Noooo not Neopets! I used to have such an addiction to Neopets... I may have to go and reopen my account! Also, I too do the "things in chunks" thing. I think I just have a short attention span... I'm trying to work on it but it's hard to keep my mind in the game!

    1. DO IT. We can be neopets pals and waste our weekends together on the neopoint slot machines


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