Monday, 2 July 2012

Instagram Update

Here's some stuff I've been up to last month and this month!
burger locket from mike || blink 182 || mouse || unexplained bubbles in birmingham || dragon lamp || cute new shirt from primark || robocop blu ray || pimms and a burger ring from cheltenham food festival || mural on the wall of snog || snog ceiling || my boo || otter sweater

I am kicking myself for not buying that otter sweater! What was I thinking leaving it behind?! I've had a few fun filled weeks with lots of activities, but the weather is seriously bumming me out! We've basically lost two months of summer to RAIN. When you live in England I guess you sort of live for the days that aren't overcast and I just feel pretty damn cheated. The worst part it there isn't anyone you can blame for it either!

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