Thursday, 5 April 2012

Top Five Best Fight Scences In Cinema!

I love a good fight scene, me. Whether it be funny or perilous, I get real involved. So I thought I'd compile a list of my top five fight scenes (in no particular order)!

1. Superman vs Clark Kent (Superman III)
(Because some big companies have yet to realise that letting people embed youtube videos DOESN'T harm your footage, I couldn't pull the video off of youtube but you can watch it in full here.)
I will defend Superman III until the day I die. I do not care how many times people say that Richard Pryor was a mistake, and it's an embarrassment to the fanchise, there are SO MANY great scenes in the third Superman film that it is simple UNTRUE. One of the greatest scenes in comic book history is the fight between Superman and Clark Kent. Superman's turned evil, he splits in two AND FIGHTS WITH HIMSELF. Not to mention the technicalities that went into getting the same actor to play both parts. It's shot so well and is frankly terrifying. Is there anything worse than your hero becoming evil and trying to strange himself to death? As a massive, MASSIVE Superman fan this scene has never, ever left me, along with a terrifying robot scene also from this film.

2. Mark and Daniel's Fight (Bridges Jones' Diary)
(Yet another embed disabled by request. ARGH! Watch the scene here.)
This has got to be the funniest fight scene ever recorded. OH MY GOD. Everything about it is so perfect. I love Hugh and Colin anyway, but the noises they make and the "fuck me"'s are so well placed. The music, the bursting into the birthday and singing, the spectators ("it's a real FIGHT!") leave me giggling so much! Okay, so it's definitely not bad ass, but you gotta admit to swooning when Darcy lands that final blow!

3. The Jeffrey Scene (Get Him To The  Greek)
I am a sucker for anything that escalates like this. Russell Brand is on top form, Jonah Hill pulls the best facial expressions and P.Diddy is incredible. Oh my god, JUST WATCH IT. You need to watch it like five times to get everything from it too, my favourite bits are the throw away lines ("that's Jeffrey's gun!") and P.Diddy running after the car like terminator is so good! Come On Eileen is one of my favourite songs ever and its so genius to use it since it builds up so much too!

4. Alabama Fight Scene (True Romance)
This scene breaks my heart so much. True Romance is my favourite film of all time, no contest, and Alabama is so sweet and innocent that to see her being beat up is really, really scary. The scene is so tense when she first gets into the motel and Clarence isn't there, but by the time she's fought off the bad guy we see a whole new side to her and she's this powerful and kick ass chick who doesn't give up. James Gandolfini is evil in this scene!

5. The Final Shoot Out (Grosse Pointe Blank)
POPCORN! Of course Grosse Pointe Blank was going to be in here! John Cusack declaring is undying love to Minnie Driver whilst fighting off Dan Aykroyd? Incredible. Cusack is such a great physical actor and his facial expressions are priceless. This scene manages to be amazingly funny and also tense at the same time. KUDOS TO YOU, GPB!

So that's my list! What are your favourite fights scenes? I can think of a billion others, but I'd like to hear yours!

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