Thursday, 5 April 2012

Lilac Wishlist

When I was a babby I wanted a lilac bedroom so bad, but then all my best friends got one and it was like, totally over done and that, so I opted for the great colour combination of bright blue and lime green, obviously. But the growing popularity of lilac in fashion has made me grow wistful. It is a beautiful colour, isn't it? It seems quite quirky too, like it should be reserved for babies but to hell with that! I want a lilac wardrobe!
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Ohhhh bask in the uniform colour my friends! There's nothing more pleasing. How absolutely crazyperfect is that River Island swimming cossie? I cannot get over how something can be lilac AND have seahorses on it, it's pretty much MADE for me. Only I can't swim, and I'm skint so I can't go on holiday. But you best believe if I can justify it I'm buying that! 

The sunglasses are another favourite of mine that I first saw on Scathingly Brilliant and I thought they were from the American ASOS (come to think of it I don't even know if there is an American ASOS?) so I didn't bother getting them, but browsing UK ASOS yesterday I SAW THEM. AND THEY'RE ON SALE. So I snapped them up, with free next day shipping too! Too bad it'll probably never be sunny again the way the weather is going at the moment! Just another pair of sunglasses to add to the glasses drawer (yes, there is a whole drawer).

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  1. That is such a weird but beautiful color! I love your list :)


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