Friday, 6 April 2012

Netflix Top Picks!

If you're looking for something to watch this Easter holidays, since its BLOODY FREEZING, here are some choices from good old Netflix for ya!

Tuff Turf
This 1984 film is quite possibly the most 80s film I have ever seen. Basically, the pulling power this film has is the fact that it has James Spader in it, in a leading role, sometimes shirtless and often in a leather jacket. I love James Spader, he is such a babe, and its nice to see him playing something other than a snotty, preppy kid (p.s. my favourite Spader performance is in Mannequin, obv). This film also had baby Robert Downey Jr (you can tell because he's credited just as Robert Downey) and has a pretty ace soundtrack. It's a great film to have a giggle at!

Drop Dead Gorgeous 
If you have never seen Drop Dead Gorgeous I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU. It is quite possibly the funniest film of all time? And there are so many familiar faces to spot and point out! This film is witty and darkly funny, and I always associate it with other films like Saved! and But I'm A Cheerleader, but I'm not quite sure why. They're all kind of in the same vain I guess.

OH MY GOD, I AM SO GLAD THIS FILM IS FINALLY ON NETFLIX. There is no shame, NO SHAME in liking this film, it is funny and weird and well directed and amazingly acted. When this film first came out most people were put off even before they gave it a chance, but it's a great story of sexual awakening and all that. Plus it has Hale Appleman in it and he is bufffff.  Watch this film if you want an original, tongue in cheek horror to keep you occupied and I guarantee you'll still be talking about it for days afterwards!


  1. hahahaha! Ivan and I watched Teeth the other day because we enjoy watching movies that just sound soooo ridiculous. We thought that we probably wouldn't get through the whole movie but we did! It was much better than we thought it would be. And you are right, we were still talking (and laughing) about it days later!

    1. oh my god, I shout "IT'S TRUE! VAGINA DENTATAAAA!" all the time now. Such a great film!! xo


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