Saturday, 10 March 2012

What I've Been Wearing

Without someone to help me take photos I haven't really been able to capture any of the QT~ outfits I've worn recently. Maybe its the new glasses but I've been feeling fancy and making more of an effort than leggings and a band tee this week, or maybe it's because I've actually had to leave the house quite a few times?! Anyway, I still took some pictures every day so these are the very few good ones of the bunch. I really need a tripod... and a clicky button thing.
This is what I wore to cheer myself up when I had a reeeeeally tedious hour and a half meeting about job interview techniques. The dress is this one from H&M, it's quite short but it still good with leggings and will be nice to wear with shorts in the summer! Ignore my bad skin, my eczema is flaring up!
Last night I wore this to go out for drinks with old friends and didn't realise until I was nearly out the door that I looked like Skrillex. CRY CRY CRY. I wore this dress again from H&M but it was chilly so I put my Mickey jumper on over it.
This is my new jacket that arrived this morning! I had a huge strop over this jacket yesterday because I LOOOOVE IT so much and I ordered it from Missguided Fashion for next day deliv so I could wear it out last night but it never showed up! It turned out the order hadn't gone through though the money had been taken off my card?! So I got a refund and bought this one off Ebay for cheaper. It came today and I love it so much! If I was rich I would wear a bunch of silk Versace print bomber jackets, but I'm not so I'll settle. I got this off Ebayer Gracious.Girl who I can't recommend enough. I think I said before how ever since Drive I've been obsessed with bomber jackets, this could be the start of a new collection I reckon! When I see my boyfriend next I'll try and get some cool pictures of the jacket though because you really need to see it in all its glory!!

And that's it. Today I'm going to have a lazy Saturday and wait for You've Been Framed to come on and perhaps watch Take Me Out! Have a good weekend guys!

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  1. love your outfit in the second picture! you look soo different with your hair and bangs down.. def a good different though! haha I'll be posting an outfit post of my own on my blog later on... I'd love for you to check it out! : )


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