Friday, 9 March 2012

Netflix Top Picks

1. The Switch
THIS FILM YOU GUYS. This film is amazing. Okay so first things first, if this film didn't have JBatez and JeffyG then it wouldn't be half as good. The plot is absolutely insane but the cast definitely holds up this film. It's quirky and totally not the usual romcom type fare. Sebastian, the little kid in this, is frigging TOO CUTE FOR WORDS and basically the whole film is great. It's nice to see Jason playing an asshole, that's how I like him best. You should give this a watch if you're looking for something fun to kill some time or if like me, you're trying to watch every Jeff Goldblum film ever made. Sure the moral compass of... everyone in this film is questionable, but it wouldn't be half as fun if they weren't all self obsessed.

2. Wild Child
Watching Wild Child reignited my passion for crazy teen films. I love a film that has a whole 'character outside of their environment' vibe and I totally love that this one is a clash of American and English cultures! All the girls in this film are fantastic, especially Juno Temple and the girl who plays the baddie.  I never went to a boarding school but I like to think it would be a little like this, my own worst nightmare but not so bad in the end! Watch this if you like to see annoying girls get their comeuppance!

3. Darkman
Darkman has got to be Liam Neeson's best role (to date!). Darkman is a great darkly funny comic film, Darkman has got to be the one of the best "superhero" creations. It's got some excellent gore and really bad baddies! Sam Rami can't really do any wrong in my eyes (even Spiderman 3) and this screams his directing style all the way through. My favourite scene is the elephant scene, but the whole film is very enjoyable! Watch this if you want to see something a bit quirky and a superhero film with copious swearing!

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  1. I love Darkman and Sam Raimi too! I actually think Liam Neeson's pretty great with sillier roles (he was definitely the funniest part of 'Life's Too Short'). I'm bummed it's not on Instant Netflix here for me to re-watch RIGHT NOW.


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