Thursday, 29 March 2012

Spring FotD!

Here is what my face looks like today! Just a little bit of make up, I tried out a mascara I got ages ago and never used and it turned out to be pretty excellent, if not a little clumpy and thick. The lipstick I wore today is actually a bright red one, but I read a trick on another blog the other day of filling in your lips with white liner then blending with red lipstick to make a pink lipstick! It's lasted all day too so it's definitely something I'll be doing often! All my lovely rings are from JWLRY and the eyeball rings are Halloween accessories from Ebay. I have a twelve pack of the bladdy things, but the paint comes off SOOO easy so I'm wearing them all off and then I will paint them with lovely things!

As well as really craving pink hair again I also want to switch my septum ring out for a gold ring, since I usually wear gold jewellery. I'm just a bit bored of it and you don't see much gold body jewellery. What do you think? Gold would be okay in a body mod too right? Since it's like, the most resistant metal ever or whatever. I dunno, I don't know much about body modification!

After my last FotD post I cracked and snipped my fringe. I was flip flopping about whether to grow it out for the summer, but the temptation to cut it was too difficult to resist! I think I'm going to be a slave to this fringe forever, it's been with me since I was fifteen, how could I stop now?

Apparently the weather is going to take a turn for the worse soon, so I'm spending the last day of sunshine listening to 90s radio on Spotify and eating pizza! Tomorrow I am visiting my boyfriend in London for the weekend where we will probably... eat more pizza!


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