Thursday, 29 March 2012

ASOS Free Next Day Delivery & Discussing Dreaded Chub Rub.

Just a heads up that next day deliv is free today on ASOS! I got myself some cycling shorts because I hate my thighs but I like wearing dresses, so I'm hoping this will solve my "can I go out in nude coloured tights when its not dark" problem!

Speaking of nude coloured tights, what's your opinion on them? I wear them quite a lot because my legs are a bit scabby from my eczema, and I don't like getting sticky legs when you've been walking for ages, but I also don't really like the look of them and I always feel like people are laughing at me for wearing them! Do you wear them, do you hate them?

Also since we're being frank, can we get onto the subject of "chub rub"? I get it. It's where your thighs cause friction when you go bare legged because they touch and it makes it impossible to go bare legged for long periods of time. I envy ladies without touching thighs so much! I'm pear shaped and no matter what I do my thighs have stubbornly stayed a size 14 - 16 for as long as I can remember, and I can't go bare legged. Which makes frolicking in the summer quite hard. At one point I used to take deodorant out with me and spray it on my thighs! But the white marks were way weird to explain. So does anyone know of any product that can help? I know there's a bunch of stuff in the US but I don't think its as known in the UK? I'd just like to know if you even get the problem! HIT ME UP.

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  1. Biking shorts are the best solution I have found for this problem. I wear them under skirts and dresses all summer. There are some undergarment companies that make these things too, with a little extra support. I have an assortment of these shorts. Some I found in the exercise-wear section of the department store and some in the underwear section. Good luck.


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