Saturday, 3 March 2012

Flawless Saturday

I knew today was off to a good start when I'd watched 2012 before 12pm and my sweet new t-shirt had arrived from Australia! A full two and a half hours of John Cusack in the morning would put anyone in a great mood, right? The sun was shining again today so me and my boyfriend headed into town to do a little charity shopping. Here's what I wore today:
You can probably tell from my expression that it was actually pretty cold out today! The wind was being an asshole! I wore jeans today because I'm obsessed with turning them up and showing off my socks since I watched too much Moonwalker, but I don't wear jeans very often. The second picture should be reason enough, the fact is, my butt is so giant that I have never found a pair of jeans that fit. Not only is it wide, but it has a tremendous depth to it too, all in all I tend to stay away from jeans but sometimes you just gotta break em out!
 My t-shirt is my new favourite t-shirt ever. IT'S A VINTAGE TERMINATOR T-SHIRT. I'm so confused, because its like the design was printed in mini version crookedly to one side, which makes me think its hand made which is even better!! I don't like Terminator as much as Robocop, but I still love it. A thing of beauty, for sure!
These mint blue sunglasses are from Primark surprise surprise. Whenever I have time to kill in town I end up in there going through the sunglasses! Old readers of the blog will have probably seen the post about my sunglasses obsession. The worst thing is that I can't see anything wearing them anyway because they're not prescription! Pure vanity. Anyway, Primark sunglasses are surprisingly hardy and they've got a bunch of different ones in this style at the moment for £2 a pop!
I wish I had a cool stoop to sit on and pose. I guess I'll make do with the steps in my garden! You can see some of my thrifting finds in the second photo, I bagged Animals of Farthing Wood and a Ghostbusters cartoon (that isn't ACTUAL Ghostbusters) on VHS for 10p each! I also got two My Little Ponys, one from 1985 and a Rainbow Dash from early 2000s! So stoked, their hair was super gross so I've given them both a wash and condition and now they're drying over night! I hope they come out okay. By far my best find of the day though was...
OMG AN ACTUAL REAL LIFE COW FROM COW AND CHICKEN. SCORE. I'm super into cartoons and I was so psyched when I found thsi today! I carried it around the shop like a baby. It was only £2! TWO POUNDS. FOR COW. And it still has the neat looking tag on it! Cow is currently hanging out with my jigglypuff next to my bed and I'm sure it will scare the crap out of me when I wake up to see if looking at me tomorrow! 
I really like this picture I took of my boyfriend today! Also, I found this neat jacket for him. I'm actually really surprised we found something so nice in a charity shop in Cheltenham that is EXACTLY the kind of clothes that he likes. Plus it has a train on it! I'm kinda obsessed with bomber jackets since Drive so this is really ace. And it was only £3.50! Bargain, amirite?

That has been my Saturday! I'm settling down to watch some You've Been Framed (my favourite telly program) and ordering take away! How is your weekend going?!


  1. The Terminator tee is so cool! Our Saturdays are soooomewhat on par in that I also started the day with John Cusack (The Grifters) and delivery. Envious of your super sweet buys though. :)

  2. Avalanche on the Yukon Railroad4/3/12 22:27

    It could only get better if you had the ACTUAL jacket from Drive...

  3. seriously ur bf looks like james mcavoy and i bet he gets that alot


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