Friday, 2 March 2012

Etsy Wish List

One of the problems of living in England is that EVERYTHING I LOVE COMES FROM AMERICA. My life is full of inflated delivery prices, customs charges and loooong waits for anything I buy. These are currently topping the list of my white girl problems, so I shall placate myself by showing you some of my favourite things I've found on Etsy this week! 
Circus Tent Brooch
It's probably pretty obvious that I sort of love circus tents and all that stuff. Red and white is such a fun colour combination and I love this sweet wooden brooch! The black outline and cartoony style is really neat and I just really want to wear this everywhere! I've started a little collection of brooches and badges because I don't understand why were are all into badges when we're little and then we just grow out of them? Badges are awesome! However I am always scared of my favourite pins falling off and getting lost! I don't wear my most favourite ones out of the house! It's pretty neurotic, I know!

Coop and the Llama Print
I can't wait to be able to start buying some cool artwork and filling my house with it! I love Twin Peaks so much and these scene kills me and pretty much sums up the whole show in my opinion! Check out their other artwork, they've got a lovely Audrey Horne painting too!

Vintage Tron VHS Tape
 I also collect VHS tapes, I just really get a kick out of playing VHS, I love rewinding and tracking and the crazy trailers at the start and stuff. The whole process of watching a VHS is very soothing to me! I also really love the artwork on VHS tapes and the Tron artwork is CRAZY GOOD! And it comes with the little Disney card!  I can't even totally deal with this, it's too great!
Chevron Wood and Plastic Brooches
I really like simple, wooden jewellery and I really like the colours on these! They sort of remind me of the patches you got to sew onto your sash at Brownies! (I was totally in Brownies but I hated it. I was ALL ABOUT the uniform though, but I never got any patches or badges because I refused to take part in most stuff.)
Divine as Pink Flamingo
I LOVE THIS ARTIST. She does all my favourite people! I can't wait to get the Jeff Goldblum one and the Prince one, but I love this Divine one since the pink flamingo suits her so well!

I totally love Etsy by the way, because you can type practically anything and then select "vintage" and something cool will come up. I go through the vintage Disney stuff daily, there is so much cool stuff around!


  1. Your new blog header/layout/everything looks SO MAZING. eee!

  2. Hey there!! Thanks bunches for popping by my tiny corner of blogland!: )

    Loving that circus tent pin! Too cute!! We have an art event coming up and one of the classes we are teaching is a mixed media faux cake with a circus tent-ish vignette on top.....but with a very vintage, ragamuffin, traveler type feel. :) We are calling it "Something Sweet This Way Comes" :) ......based on the Ray Bradbury book....annnnd movie which was a childhood faaave! You should def try to find it!! :)

    ohhh and just yesterday I found!! The closest thing to picnik yet! It is in of course they are missing lots of bells and whistles...but still!! Soooo happy!!!

    Love from NJ,

    1. That pin sounds super cute and a lot of fun!!

      WOO! thanks for the tip off! I was nosing around google+ today and what they've done is put Picnik under their "photo editor" but it's hardly the same and you have to upload your pics too g+ before they're edited and everything! It's so complicated! I'm gunna give the one you said a shot though!! xo


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