Thursday, 24 November 2011

Fox Dress!

I found myself in Primark obscenely early this morning. Do you know who goes to Primark at 9 AM? NO ONE. IT'S AMAZING. Everything is still neat and I had a good chance to go through all the reduced stuff and came out with two amazing dresses! I haven't stopped going on about my fox dress all day. I got it for £3 and it's selling for £13 on Ebay! Bargain!
THERE. ARE. FOXES. ON. MY. DRESS. and not just wishy washy shapes, actual lovely foxes omg can I just have fox pattern on everything I own please?
Extra bonus: PETER PAN LACE COLLAR. oh my god is this really happening?
A massive bit of black thread has already come loose so I chopped it off. I hope it wasn't anything important, but if the dress falls apart at least I've had one full day of sitting around reading Point Horror in it. Sorry these photos are a bit rubbs, I don't have a tripod or any of that stuff so I had to get ~inventive. EXCUSE MY MESS TOO. Also CHECK OUT MY DRIVE POSTER. I wasn't blogging when I got stupidly obsessed with Drive (still am, still am.) but my boyfriend bought me it!

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