Saturday, 13 November 2010

Have You Heard Of Neon Trees?

"Where are the crazy people? Show me your claws and teeth! I wanna hear you roar!"

That's a quote from Neon Trees frontman Tyler Glenn, and with that I decided this band were going to be good. On Monday I went to the Borderline in London to watch Foxy Shazam. Supporting them were a band I've not heard much about, a band from America called Neon Trees. I didn't know what to expect. The frontman had been in the crowd watching the other support, he looked kinda bad. Like, moody. My boyfriend had heard about them from Mark Hoppus (of Blink 182 fame) and said they were good, but it wasn't until they got on stage that I believed him.

When they started playing, it didn't matter that you didn't know the words to their songs. They were infectious with catchy riffs and sing-a-longs of "whoa-oh"'s. Not what I expected at all. They sound similar to a lot of bands but still manage to keep originality which makes them interesting. Tyler has an amazing voice which isn't unlike that 0f the singer from Vampire Weekend. They have synths, they have heavy guitars, they have songs with nostalgia. They've opened for The Killers before which I totally get.
Their stage presence is amazing, Tyler has built up some sweet dance moves and they seem genuinely grateful to be up there. At one point Tyler swung his microphone round, nearly knocking out the rest of the band. If you get the opportunity, see these guys live! Their album 'Habits' can be bought here, which I intend to do when I have some money! (Check out the cool website too!) and enjoy this infinately better cover of Baby by Justin Beiber!

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