Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Red Riding Hood 2011Trailer

Have you seen this trailer?! Little Red Riding Hood grew UP! I am so stoked about this film, it looks amazing! Just the other day I was talking about Shiloh Fernandez in Deadgirl and how he was meant to play Edward in Twilight, well it seems that Catherine Hardwicke didn't forget Shiloh as he is now playing a big, smouldering role in this film! With Gary Oldman!!

The cinematography in this film looks like it's going to be great, lots of red on pure white backgrounds and gothic imagery and oh god, I'm almost salivating just thinking about it! Chances are this film is going to have a lot of critics, Hardwicke apparently did a poor job on the Twilight series, and a lot of people are ready to dismiss anything related to the vampires but I think this could be really well made! Perhaps what Twilight could have been?! Check out the trailer below!

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  1. o.m.g that topshop dress could have been straight off the catwalk !


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