Monday, 11 October 2010

Fashion Review: Primark Parka

So Winter is fast approaching and what better way to grudingly accept the colder and shorter days than buying a new Winter coat? I knew I wanted a parka because I lost my old one, my mum has a really nice one fromNext but it was a bit too pricey for my budget. Of course Primark delivered with the above beauty, which I've worn every day since getting it two weeks ago. I thought I'd do a little review to let people know how hardy it is, since Primark are totally hit or miss with the quality of their products.

Firstly I'll start with the sizing. I know it's a nationwide problem that Primark don't put the right sizes on the right hangers, so always check the tag and the label if you're not going to try something on. My store had this coat in a size 18 and a size 8, I'm a size 12 and they both fit fine. Obviously the 8 was slightly tighter (and I couldn't do it up!) but I'm just saying there's hardly a variation. I chose the 18 for a slightly baggier look, got it home and saw that even the tag was wrong on it and it was a size 16 (said under washing instructions)!!

What really attracted me to it is the plaid lining, it works really well with the khaki and gives it an extra grungy look. The faux fur doesn't feel too bad and looks nice, I even got mine wet at the pub and the fur didn't spoil. It's not amazing quality, the toggle ends are plastic and not metal, one of mine has cracked already, but it is warm, especially with the hood up! The pockets are large and I can fit everything I need in them without carrying a bag.

My biggest complaint would be the buttons, which I always have an issue with on Primark coats. The day after I bought this one of the buttons fell off and I lost it. The others are also loose, I don't expect them to stay on much longer. This coat would be much better with a zip, but for £21 you can't complain! I'm going to re-sew all the buttons to strengthen them, it's probably something I should have done when I first bought it, but you live and learn!

This coat is quite a statement and I would totally recommend it! I've been wearing mine with short dresses and Doc Martens to go out to the pub in, and with leggings and converse during the day. It's totally versatile!

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  1. i love good reviews
    and i love the print inside the hood


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