Monday, 21 October 2013

This is Halloween!

One of the highlights of my holiday was going to the Not So Scary Halloween party that is held in the Magic Kingdom in September/October. It's brilliant fun, with sweets being given out and (the best part) everyones amazing costumes! Me and Mike saw the three witches from Hocus Pocus are were blown away by their talent, no to mention cute kids in tiny costumes and just amazingly cute stuff everywhere. In Britain Halloween isn't really a thing, you just get drunk if you're in uni and hide from trick or treaters (if you get any). It was great to experience a real Halloween and I am now a Halloween nut! We cobbled together costumes hastily, Mickey and Minnie, so we got into the spirit as much as we could! It was also great to ride Thunder Mountain in the dark!

I also made a video of our Halloween fun, complete with Haunted Mansion sound bites! Check it outttt!


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