Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Wednesday Wishlist: Dresses

Wednesdays are all about lusting over stuff I can't have! Maybe in my dreams. I am absolutely skint at the moment, so obviously I can't stop torturing myself with stuff! Just have to be strong and remember that I'll have a much better time in Disney if I have some spending money!

 I really love the colour of this dress! Turquoise is one of my favourite colours (I have about fifty) and the bold print is cartoony which I like. I'm not usually a fan of aztec but the colour swung this one! I like the high neck and no sleeves combo too.

HEART PRINTS. I love heart prints and I like dresses where the boob shape is already put in (technical term). Top Shop have this thing of not lining up their patterns down the seams which really annoys me though, for the money you're paying it should look better. I know its probably the style but it's not my style! I could probably make an exception for a red and white heart print dress though!

I am so in love with this dress its not even funny. Sequins! Pink! I would add this to my collection of princess dresses that I never have an occasion to wear.

I have been searching for the perfect sailor dress for what seems my whole life. This isn't perfect, but it does have a pink bow so I'll allow it. I just want one of those flaps that goes round the back on every item of clothing I own.

I have a thing for poofy pink dresses. Do you know how mad I was when Andie tore up that amazing prom dress in Pretty in Pink? It basically ruined the whole film. Anyway, this ticks all the boxes and I feel like it would be extra poofy with that layer underneath!


  1. Oh my God that heart dress! WANT!

    1. its lush isnt it?! reminds me of old cartoons for some reason.

  2. Where is that pink sequin dress from? It's totally not my style but I love it!

    1. its from topshop! link above the dress babs xo


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