Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sunday Update

I'm so pleased with myself for starting up blogging again, its like there's this part of me that isn't satisfied unless I'm sharing the most mundane things about my life with other people. I'm hooked on reading other people's blogs and I'm most attracted to ones where they just talk about what's going on day to day, or various hobbies they have. I used to have a livejournal too when I was a teen so I think this is just a grown-up transition! Hopefully you're not bored by what I have to say, I'm hugely critical of everything I produce whether its art or writing, and I don't claim to be a writer at all (look, I just put a comma and then an 'and'!) but I think mainly everyone with a blog has to come to the realisation that they should blog for themselves rather than "an audience". If you've got people who like what you're saying then that's just a bonus!

This week has, yet again, been far too hot. We live on the top floor of a block of flats, with only three windows that open, so it's been a trying time! The fan has nearly overheated from being on constantly and I'm dreading the electricity bill. Last Sunday I went out round Southbank and it was just too hot to enjoy anything, we came home pretty sharpish and I haven't gone out since! Maybe just to take the bins out! As much as I love hot weather this country just isn't prepared for it, our houses are designed to keep heat in and we don't have aircon. I'm hoping I wont be in such a state when we go off to Florida, October should be a little cooler and I'm sure there is air conditioning galore in DisneyWorld! 

Speaking of Florida, I've started trying to eat healthy and do a bit of exercise before we set off. I'm mainly hoping my thighs will shrink so I can fit in all my shorts again and I wont have to deal with chub rub. My weight started to creep up when my skin condition got diagnosed (exercise makes me really itchy) but now that I'm out of Cheltenham my skin feels a lot better. I've just been doing basically aerobics on Just Dance, you can put in your weight and height and then it tells you how much you're burning, with a choice of work out times. My diet has improved since I've moved in with Mike because he doesn't like cheese so that is no longer part of my diet, and we only have one drawer of freezer space so mostly everything we cook is fresh veg! I'd like to be down to a small size 16 to mid 14 by the time we leave, fingers crossed!

Other than melting into the sofa, I've also been watching Orange is the New Black. I love it, its really fantastic! Its a Netflix original and thankfully that means its a good quality show from my experience, so give it a whirl if you have an account!

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