Friday, 19 July 2013

Five on Friday

Five on Friday is a new feature on the blog! Every Friday I'll give you a list of five things of whatever takes my fancy, it may be informative, but it was probably mostly be nonsense.

Yep, today's five on Friday is of course, a selection of Jeff Goldblum's best works. Masterpieces, is what I think they call them, actually. Sometimes Jeff only has to be on screen as a secondary character and it can still be classed as a Goldblum film. I tried to think of films that I don't think are widely known for you to perhaps try out and broaden your horizons. Jeff's made some proper great films!

 1. The Tall Guy
Criminally underrated comedy from Mel Smith, there is no reason why this shouldn't be a classic. It has all the elements of a Mel Smith film with added Goldblum. I think this film is most known for its crazy sex scene between Jeff and Emma Thompson, but its got loads more to offer than that, like sneezing and Rowan Atkinson. Yeah. Trust me, it is much better than it sounds (as if that didn't sound great!). Almost impossible to track down on DVD in the UK and a uselessly synced version on youtube is all that I've found of this surreal comedy. Jeff is a treat in it, playing a... tall guy. Giving too much away would take away from the experience of the plot unfolding for the first time. Though his hair is crazy he's still pretty attractive, and yeah, that sex scene.

2. Earth Girls Are Easy
An early Jeff/Geena Davis film in which he, Jim Carey and Damon Wayans crash land on earth and must be taken care of by Geena in all her valley girl best. Featuring musical numbers, makeover montages, Angelyne and alien shaving, Earth Girls... is an 80s gem that is currently going through a bit of a renaissance on tumblr. It is well worth your time, if not for buff Goldblum then the rest of the film too. It is crazy funny! This is available on some Netflix regions, check it out if you can!

3. Igby Goes Down
Igby was one of those smart mouth teen comedy/character studies that came out early 00s (the director went on to direct 17 Again) along with stuff like Saved! featuring another Culkin. Kieran Culkin plays the titular Igby as he tries to make sense of his life and its purpose. This will have you hooked with the opening scene and is a great little indie film. I love them Culkins, man. Jeff plays a cocky, rich playboy and he does that so well. Jeff in tailored suits. MAN. You can pick up Igby pretty cheap in the shops and I also believe it is on Netflix!

4. Deep Cover
Deep Cover isn't like, an amazing film or anything. It's a passable thriller at best, but Jeff's performance as an unhinged, dorky bad guy is something I've yet to see him replicate. His acting in this is frantic and he makes the film really. Definitely worth a watch just for his performance, as well as Lawrence Fishburne. Both are great with a basic material they were given!

5. The Fly
I am always shocked at the amount of people who haven't seen The Fly! Cronenburg's remake of the 1958 body horror is second to none when it comes to slow burning, effect laden horror films. The sheer workmanship that went into this film is incredible, if you think you can't hack this because of the gore, really look at it. Think about the people who had to put in the hours to make it look that disgusting, it really gives you an appreciation (and desensitizes!). Jeff plays nerdy but buff scientist Seth Brundle who strikes up a romance with a reporter in the midst of tinkering with his new invention, with disastrous results. Geena Davis and Jeff's chemistry is palpable and the whole film is just a slice of perfection. Do yourself a favour and try and catch it next time it runs on Film Four, or even better, buy the bluray!


  1. I love Jeff Goldblum! He's from Pittsburgh, close to where I'm from :)

    Life of Mabel

  2. I love Jeff Goldblum! I just recently watched The Fly for the first time (I know-a total travesty right?). I don't know how I went 27 years without having seen it-but it was a fun watch. Definitely my favorite Golblum film to date :) Did you see the interview he did on Conan? It was hysterical-such a funny guy.


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