Monday, 29 July 2013

Film Photos

I picked up my first 35mm on my birthday last year. I got an Olympus OM10 from a very enthusiastic seller in Brick Lane, and instantly fell in love with it. It cost me £40 and takes stunning photos with very little effort on my part! I've definitely had the 35mm bug since, there's something about not knowing what's going to come out when you get your film developed that is totally addictive!

I don't have a scanner at the moment so I had to take photos of my photos, which is pretty awkward. I never thought I would like to use black and white film but some of my favourite photos have come from this batch!

My granddad recently gave me his old Nikon 35mm from the early 70s. Its so awesome but I'm not sure how well it works, the exposure and the film count are broken but I'm so excited to try and take some photos with it! I really hope its got some life left in it and I've been waiting for summer to come to test it out!

Although I love my Sony Cybershot (seriously, it does the job so well!) I really miss the lack of viewfinder and I open find that the camera strap or a show has strayed into my shot. I guess also because you only get one shot with film that you really have to be a perfectionist about it. My 35mm prints are definitely better composed AND you don't have to resize, edit, convert and all that junk that comes with digital photography!

I'm also a huge geek about imperfections in the film. The bottom right came out really cool despite the film going a bit wrong on it. Cameras man, they're a mystery!

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