Tuesday, 30 April 2013

So much room for ACTIVITIES!

Whoaaa, I feel like I've been mega busy these past few weeks but when I try and look back all I can remember is lying in bed all day. I guess I've been super busy doing that! I've also started my packing for my London move, I think I was a bit optimistic by packing away all my winter clothes already, definitely feeling the chill still. 

I've been in London since Friday doing activities! On Saturday me and Michael went to a dog show in central which was so much fun. There were so many dogs everywhere! My favourite was this cute English Bull Terrier that only had one eye! Bless him. I snapped a few pics of 'cutest puppy' category since I managed to get a good spot for that, have a look!

Last night I went to Islington to go watch Sparta. They were incredible, even though I was only familiar with a couple of songs they really grabbed me and didn't let go the whole time. It probably helps that I could actually see for once as well! Sparta have close ties with At The Drive-In and Mars Volta, but they don't sound like them. For reals though, I think Sparta are better than both of them!

I'm off back to Cheltenham today for more packing and hopefully a bit of sunshine! I can't wait until I can just sit and have lunch in the garden!

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