Saturday, 7 July 2012

Regents Park

I hope you're all enjoying these photo dumps! I've made a new rule for myself that when I take some photos, I must edit and post them within the week otherwise I just forget about them, so this Regents Park visit is really stretching out! I don't mind so much though as it's really helped me get back into blogging. Of course, the break from work is also helping, but hopefully I can stockpile enough blog posts to take the pressure off. I'm not the only one who feels massively guilty when they don't blog daily, am I?!
Since I've been working I've found myself more eager to be out of the house. Maybe the long period of employment affected me a lot, as I ran out of energy quickly and going places daunted me. But I always feel like leaving the house now, maybe because i can see how precious free time is! Anyway, Regents Park is really nice, I'm always shocked at how big the parks in London are considering there is a such a lack of green space. To suddenly be confronted by a mass of green weirds me out, but I love it!
Regents Park is so posh though, I don't even know if you're allowed to walk on the grass, but there's no signs so I did it anyway. Even though not letting dogs in bums me out (I love spotting cute dogs on their walks!) it's pretty nice to be able to walk around without worrying about stepping in poo.
Man, I have SO MANY photos still left to post, I was really happy about having the camera back!

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  1. Yes, I love all these photos! If I ever get a plot of land, I want to re-create the union jack flower bed.


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