Sunday, 8 July 2012

Regents Park 2

FABS. How do you eat your Fab? I like to nibble everything off until there's only the red bit left. Do you remember the Fab adverts a few years ago? It might have had Alan Partridge doing the advert if I'm correct? Or if not it was definitely a spoof radio show thing. 
I'm wearing: H&M dress, Topshop hoodie, New Look necklace. They should all still be in shops if you want to emulate this haggard look!
Ah lovely! It looks like a lagoon. A lagoon in the rain, with ducks getting trapped in the pond scum. I used to have a pond in the house I lived in through the ages of thirteen to eighteen. I LOVED THAT POND. It was the worst pond in the world, for instance it would evaporate in the summer and need to be refilled ALL DAY. My dog ate the water pump so that the pond scum used to grow really quick, but it was real fun to dreg it all out. We had frogs and all sorts in there, the house was a bungalow and I used to fall asleep to the sound of the frogs. So sweet!
Terrifying statue. What are you doing to that goose, young man?! STOP SMILING!
The last picture is my favourite I took that day. I love how dramatic the sky looks, and though it doesn't look it it was super windy as I snapped it.

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