Friday, 18 May 2012

What I Wore

 This is what I wore to go ride around on steam trains last Sunday. The jumper is from Primark and I've wanted it since last Winter, but I waited until it went in the sale and snagged it for a fiver a couple of weeks ago! It's so nice, it's like blue with rusty sparkly thread going through it. Hard to describe really! The cross was my Great Grandma's. It's plastic but really lovely. I remember seeing it in with all her stuff a lot when I was little so I was really happy to get it when she passed! I'm not religious but I don't think I'm offending anyone by wearing it as it's so sentimental.
The dress is this one from New Look, it's currently my fave! Sorry for these mirror shots but IT'S THE ONLY WAY. I also stuck on what I wore to work on the end, because I wanted the pictures to be even. I felt pretty fancy that day! The dress is also from New Look. Both are currently on sale! NL is kind of my obsesh at the moment because of the amazing sale prices!


  1. Your cross is lovely- I'm not religious but I adore pretty crosses and saint imagery. A very sweet look!

  2. Insults2Injury21/5/12 19:44

    Identical head tilts are so in


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