Monday, 7 May 2012

Instagram Update

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Wow! Its been quite a busy bank holiday here, filled with lots of treats! On Saturday me and Michael went and saw Drive at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival. We got to wear headphones and got given free olives! It was really nice to see my favourite film ever on the big screen again. It is just as breath-taking. On Sunday we went to a carboot at Cheltenham Racecourse during the morning, we got there nice and early and the sun was shining! I picked up some really neat stuff, especially the Polariod 1000 camera. I love the way it looks, especially the rainbow stripe! I can't wait to load some film into it and see if it still works. We also went and saw Beauty and the Beast 3D on Sunday! When I first saw Beauty and the Beast I was very small and slept the whole way through the cinema, so to see it again was awesome! The 3D looked AMAZING during the very first scenes, where the narrator is talking. My mouth was hanging open! But of course, it slipped into terrible 3D as soon as the scenes started moving faster. But still, Beauty and the Beast is a remarkable feat of animation and it looks stunning all polished up! The rest of the weekend was spent watching films and of course, The Voice. Back to work tomorrow though! I hope you have had an excellent bank holiday!


  1. Love the fabrics of the new dresses! :)
    All of them look very cute!

    - Erin :)

    1. thanks so much! they are pretty, but i don't think my wardrobe is very happy! it's already under a lot of strain haha xo


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