Monday, 2 April 2012

Visiting Canterbury

This weekend I went to London to visit my boyfriend and on Saturday we took a ~day trip~ to Canterbury. I was meant to go to Canterbury for uni, I was going to study Religious Studies and Criminology but I chose Bristol in the end to do Film, which was probably for the best because even though Canterbury is SUPER NICE I don't think I could handle all the twee shops and things all day every day!!

We didn't do much sight-seeing, in the end we just walked around all the shops (Canterbury has a surprisingly large number of "goth shops) where we scored some awesome shit.  Mike found a Kingdom Hearts t-shirt and I finally found a Specials t-shirt that wasn't totally over-priced, amongst other things. The best thing I bought was at a Vintage Fair though. I usually don't have much luck at them because everything is out of my price range or doesn't fit right, but the gods were smiling on me because I scored a ridiculously amazing jumper for a fiver. It's bright green and has dolphins on it, the lady running the stall said "I didn't think I'd be selling tis today", LADY IT'S A JUMPER WITH DOLPHINS ON IT OFC YOU'D BE SELLING IT. 

Also we had yummy cream cakes, I got cream all in my hair it was quite disgraceful but the cake was lush so who cares? If you can't wipe cake into your hair on a day trip, when can you?! Anyway, onto the pictures!
Canterbury is full of important looking buildings. For such a tiny place it has a lot of towers and stuff. But you have to pay to get into the cathedral which is a dick move ~imo. You don't have to pay to get into Gloucester Cathedral and they filmed Harry Potter in there! Also Canterbury is full of old buildings that are a bit crooked and adorable. I wish we could have come when it was sunny so we could have seen some ducks orrrr ducklings!
MY DELICIOUS CREAM CAKE. I nearly had a break down trying to choose what I wanted in the shop but it was delicious and had jam in the middle and a strawberry and a chocolate button! I wish I could eat it again. Also there are lots of pigeons in Canterbury. I quite like pigeons, I'm down for any animal that is tame enough to strut around my feet. Also I like their pretty oil slick colours and the way their heads bob when they run really fast. We watched two pigeons having a bath in the castle moat for a while, it was quite adorable!
I'm not sure what this lamb was for, but I'd quite like a lamb statue for my house. They had a huge CEX store in Canterbury and its the first CEX I've been in that doesn't smell like feet. For international readers, CEX is where people go to sell their used games or DVDs or CDs and sometimes you can get awesome things real cheap. Once we got the first series of Twin Peaks for a tenner. BARGAIN. And lastly, my amazing dolphin jumper! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT WAS FIVE POUNDS?! I am so stoked!

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  1. wow canterbury looks pretty cool and I love your glasses xx


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