Monday, 23 April 2012

A Trip To The Aquarium

It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that I have a huge boner for aquariums. I just like them a whole lot. I like any place that feels like a different world, which is how I describe theme parks, especially Disneyland, but aquariums have that same feeling. Everything is muffled and you're sort of in a huge body of water and it's all dark and humid. Weird, but in a good way. When me and Michael were in Great Yarmouth we took a trip to the Sea Life centre there, because we always do. It's a pretty fantastic aquarium for such a tiny town, especially because it has A SHARK TUNNEL. Shark tunnels are my favourite thing ever?! And like, I knopw its tempting fate (hellooooo Jaws 3) but I totally love em!

Anyway, I took the camera with me but its pretty hard to get good shots on a point and shoot when the subjects are all whizzing around, the lighting is bad and you don't wanna obstruct any little kid's view! You kinda just have to snap and hope and then call them abstract at a later date, haha. SO so so. Here are some of my favourites fromt he first batch! (I've got a lot of aquarium posts lined up).
 omg their little under faces slay me every time!
omg this photobombing fish always makes me chuckle!
this little fish wouldn't share his snack.

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  1. I cannot cope AT ALL with rays little happy faces! they make me want to weep with cute. them and axolotls are too cute they just make me die!


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