Monday, 23 April 2012

Have You Heard: Aiden Grimshaw's New Single!

Do you remember little Aiden Grimshaw? He was on that year of X-Factor that was most hilarious because of his little bromance with Matt Cardle and you know, that tiny band erm... One Direction? Yeah, what are they doing now? ;) Anyway, Aiden was blates the best on X-Factor because he was INCREDIBLY AWKWARD with a death stare but the voice of an angel. I was well obsessed with him for most of that year! Well turns out he was actually quite busy after X-Factor finished and here's his new single!
Ooooo! I like it! It reminds me so much of Will Young, perhaps his voice? But I like that its a bit different, like he might have had more of a say in the process of making it or at least, it's marketed cleverly to look that way. His voice sounds good on it and its a bit synthy, over all I would not be annoyed if it came on the radio Well done Grimey! I reckon you're onto a winner.

For a more funny article about Aiden's single, head over to Popjustice, who always know what they're talking about!

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  1. omg I loved him and had totally forgotten about him OOPS! He was SO awkward it was amazing, his hair was lush.


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