Saturday, 14 April 2012

OotD: Lilac Dress Worn Three Ways

I got this dress from New Look this week, it's in the sale for a tenner! I thought it was pretty much a bargain since I wear my other New Look lace dress TO DEATH, I want it in every colour! I got a size up as I was scared my butt wouldn't fit in it, so it's a bit baggy on top. I decided to work with it and came up with three ways to wear it so i thought I would show you! I went for a sort of creepy look, a preppy look and a glam look in the end. The pictures are all jumbled up, I've bene editing this post for like three hours trying to make sense out of it. In the end I gave up and just mixed all the outfits up!
These are the ASOS glasses I bought from my lilac wishlist the other day! I love them, but they don't exactly block out the sun! I'm also wearing a fancy badge of a poodle from Oliver & Company, because obviously.
Brogues and socks are like, the best combination? They make me feel fancy but still casual enough to wear during the day. The white cross necklace was my Great Grandma's that I put on a chain and the gold wedges in the first picture were from Debenhams like three years ago. I'm useless!
Because the back of this dress is well, backless, and I cannot go without a bra, I thought putting my skeleton vest underneath would be cute. And it is! But the dress is still baggy and it would look better if it was tighter around my body, or maybe if I wasn't huddling from the FREEZING COLD WEATHER. FU, SPRING! I'm also wearing skeleton socks because matching is important. I got my Doc Martens off Ebay for £30 omg, can you believe it? I've had them for about a year and I still wonder if THIS IS JUST A DREAM.
That's all I have today! Hope you enjoyed my threeway teeheeeeeeeee. Apologies for the socking state of my roots too, its hard to disguise them when you're roots are basically black ARGH.

P.S Cabin In The Woods is THE BEST film of the year. PLEASE go see it!


  1. I loooove your fur vest with that dress, and that necklace with the wooden hearts :) very cute!


  2. I love it!! The gold shoezies are fab...and the skeleton vest underneath... so so brill!! :)

    Love from the Jersey Shore,
    xo Jenny Holiday

  3. I love that lavender dress! And how you are wearing it all the ways <3

  4. The skeleton top showing on the back of the dress is really clever!


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