Friday, 30 March 2012

Whats In My Bag!

I'm a very nosy person, so I love looking into people's private places (amirite)! I thought I'd show you what was in my bag today. The bag in question is from Primark and has a really cute bright yellow lining. I love it!
This cute keyring was found at Spitalfields market in London. I also got a Mark Owen smash hits keyring and a Rugrats one!
Sunglasses, glasses, purse, fringe brush, phone, strawberry chapstick, hair ties, Superman mints, mirror, eyebrows and a good book!
I love my owl purse! It's the perfect size to hold cards and coins. The phone is ANCIENT. It's not even mine, my boyfriend gave it to me so I would stop using my even older phone. I love this phone because I dropped it in town the other day and bits flew everywhere, and its still working. The Superman tin is so cute, its got mints in it and I bought it at EuroGamer last year for more money than it's worth. My Superman obsession cannot be contained! The book is Drive, like the film. It's amazing, go read it!

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  1. Seymour Sacks30/3/12 12:43

    R.I.P. Chuckie, you were too golden to say un-stolen for long


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