Friday, 23 March 2012

Summer Playlist

Oh man! I haven't done a playlist for ages, does anyone actually listen to them? Like baking a cake for someone, I get no greater please than someone enjoying a playlist I made. To go with the gorgeous weather we've having at the moment, I have compiled a playlist of twenty songs that have deep memories of Summer for me to share with you! For instance, back in 2005 we spent a lot of time cruising around in a beat up old car listening to the new(!) Kings of Leon and Hot Hot Heat albums. Stuff like that, you know? Songs have a way of transporting me back to a place and making me feel like a kid again. SO ANYWAYS, here is my Summer playlist!
(Click the amazing Summer picture to be taken to it. As always, it is on youtube!)

  1. Sum 41 - Summer
  2. Remi Nicole - Rock N Roll
  3. Doping Panda - Crazy
  4. The Beatles - Please Please Me
  5. The Jackson Five - The Love You Save
  6. Kings of Leon - The Bucket
  7. Jasmine Kara - Try My Love Again
  8. Mad Capsule Markets - Happy Ride
  9. Ben Kweller - Wasted and Ready
  10. The Go! Team - We Just Wont Be Defeated
  11. 11. The Clash - Bankrobber
  12. Cocknbullkid - Cocknbullkid
  13. Beck - Devil's Haircut
  14. New Edition - Candy Girl
  15. Hot Hot Heat - Running Out Of Time
  16. Cobra Starship - Pop Punk Is Sooo '05
  17. The Undertones - Here Comes The Summer
  18. Andrew WK - We Want Fun
  19. Ramones - I Can't Make It On Time
  20. Kid Cudi, Vampire Weekend &  Best Coast - All Summer
Wow, that's a lot of songs! I hope you enjoy it, if you listen. It's a bit of a mismatch and I could have probably gone on for thirty songs, perhaps Vol.2 is on the way! HAPPY SUMMERTIME FUN!


  1. Summer In October23/3/12 14:33

    I know what I'm listening to this afternoon! Mmmmm the weather is so good, i can see it from my seat in the office :)

  2. awesome playlist! If my computer wasn't so slow I would totally listen to it right now, maybe once I'm done with photoshop it will have enough energy to do something else. OH and btw, I found that the secret to not messing up pictures is uploading them to a host site first (Kaelah blogged it on Tumblr) so I've been uploading them to and then linking them into my blog. seems to be working great


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