Saturday, 24 March 2012

Let's take a second to talk about...

When I was little the one thing I hated above anything else was having my hair washed and brushed. I still hate it. I put off washing my hair for as long as possible and some days I don't brush at all! My hair is very thick and gets knotted very easily, dragging a brush through it was an ordeal every morning and it it took a buttload of time to brush after washing. I was going through Amazon one day when I was something that caught me eye. It was a hairbrush, but it was nearly ten quid! Scoffing, I checked it out thinking that I never would spend a tenner on a bloody hairbrush, but I am now the proud owner of a sparkly, purple Tangle Teezer.

Tangle Teezer promises to brush your hair, wet or dry, and not pull or cause breakage. It's a heavy promise to make but BY JOVE, IT BLADDY WORKS. Okay, so it doesn't stop pulling your tangles COMPLETELY, but it doesn't hurt! When I first used it I wasn't even convinced it was going all the way trhough my hair because it wasn't coming across all the knots a usual brush does, but its just because it has a clever way of untangling them. I would recommend this brush just for that alone, but it actually seems to have done a lot more for my hair. For instance, I used to have a really bad shedding problem. My hair fell out all the time, it covered the carpet in my room, it got in my food and on all my clothes and it especially came out in clumps in the shower. Since using the TT I've noticed that a lot of my hair stays where it should do, or perhaps any lose hairs all get caught by the bristles. My hair also just feels better, less fly-away and softer. I don't know if that's a promise from the TT, but that's what it's done for me! (Also I reckon it would make a great pet brush.)

The only draw back is the design. Countless times its gone flinging out of my hand and under the bed because it's shaped like a bit of soap and doesn't have a handle. WEIRD. I don't know why they did that, but I looked and I think you can get them with handles now. They are expensive, but it is well worth it! I've seen a lot of other lbog posts about the TT recently too so it's definitely not just me who loves it!

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  1. haha i hate admitting this, but I'm the same way lol I have super, super long hair that I seldom ever get cut... it knots and sheds like crazy so I might look into this one to see if will help improve my hair issues. lol



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