Tuesday, 20 March 2012

How to do: Liquid Liner!

It'sa me! Robyn! Again. I'm going out tonight to pub quiz and I thought it would be a perf time to get together with you guys and try and explain how I do my liner. I get quite a lot of compliments from friends and internet folk and then mad depression from them because they say they can't do flicks on their liner. Well I says anyone can do it with enough practice! I struggled with it for a long time because I never found any great instructions on how to create a perfect flick, but over the years and many many tutorial videos I have sort of mashed a load of advice together into one that works for me, advice I'm going to share today.

I think one thing everyone has to keep in mind is that all our eyelids are different shapes. For instance, I CANNOT do small, delicate flicks because my eyes are deep set or something, I just have a lot of eyelid and it all sorts of sinks into the crease, so my eyeliner is always GO BIG OR GO HOME for it to make any impact. Okay so, first things first, let us view these humble videos I have uploaded. Yes, my hand is in the way most of the time, but it will make what I will tell you next make a bit more sense, I hope.
Okay, got it? Now it's time for BULLET POINTS!
  1. Drag your liner across the inner corner of your lash line, as close as possible to your lashes. I find that doing this makes doing the eye seem a little less daunting because it's no longer a clean slate.
  2. When you get to the highest point of your lash line arch, instead of carrying it on back down to the outer corner, just keep on going across the eyelid. God, does that make sense? Basically you'll end up with a straight line going all across your lid.
  3. Move to the side of your face, mark roughly where you want your flick to end with a little dot. I usually make it as far out as the end of my eyebrow.
  4. Join the little dot up with your straight line with a thin line or lots of little lines, this is just making an outline.
  5. Carry on your outline of the flick by moving back to the dot and drawing a line connecting it to the outer corner of your lashes. You should end up with a triangle that needs to be filled in.
  6. Fill in that triangle carefully!
  7. You've now got the template for your liner. Now you can do what you want, I thicken mine up and straighten it out, getting the edges straight and clean.
  8. GET IT GIRL! You gots yourself a flick.
I think I find this method so easy because its like drawing and then colouring in. It's much easier to control the brush when you have a point to aim for too!  Did those instructions make sense? For reals, I hope the video helps explain them better than I could. If you use my method make a video! Or tell me about it! I'd love to know if it helped anyone.

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